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Obligatory disclaimer: No claims are made to the accuracy of any on-line records. I have attempted to be as accurate as possible, but at times, interpretation is close to impossible and transcribing mistakesvery likely exist. The researcher must obtain copies of the original documents for their records to insure accuracy. Copied to the best of my ability. Townland and Surnames spellings vary. Transcribed and Submitted by: John McGing.

Film Number 0979697

Aughagower Baptism 3/15/1842 - 8/20/1854

This is in amazingly terrible condition. Most of it is faded, illegible. If anything, it's worse than the other baptismal book.

Source Date of Birth Name Father Mother Townland Sponsor Sponsor
PR October 9, 1842 Judith Daniel Ging Mary Ging Arderry
PR July 7, 1843 Anne Austin Ging Catherine Ging Tonlegee
LDS August 9, 1843 Anthony ? ? Ayle ? Mar? Ging
LDS September 8, 1843 ? Pat Tobin Mary Tobin Bungra? ? Gibbons Bridget Ging
PR November 12, 1843 Thomas Bryan Ging Mary Ging Tonlegee
LDS December 26, 1843 ? ? ? ? ? Bridget Ging
LDS January 16, 1844 Mary Thomas Ging Bridget Ging Tonlegee ? Margaret Ging
LDS February 12, 1844 ? ? ? ? ? Ging
LDS March 8, 1844 ? ? ? ? ? Ann Ging
LDS July 8, 1844 ? ? Ging ? Ging Carnecon ? ?
PR August 8, 1844 Honoria Anthony MaGuire Mary MaGuire Sraheen
LDS October 5 (June 10), 1844 Judith John Ging Anne Ging Arderry Anthony Malley Mary Couiviary(sp)
PR November 2, 1845 John Daniel Ging Mary Ging Arderry
PR March 7, 1846 Catherine Austin Ging Catherine Ging Tonlegee
LDS June 18 (July 18), 1846 Patrick Austin Ging Mary Ging   Austin ? Nuala ?
PR August 29, 1846 Denis Patrick Patrick MacGing Honor Maguire Lanmore
LDS October 5, 1846 Judy John Ging Anne Ging Arderry Anthony Malley Mary Couiviary (sp)
PR October 10, 1846 Bridget Bryan Ging Mary Ging Tonlegee    
PR Bovember 1, 1846 Michael Daniel Ging Bridget Ging Arderry
LDS November 19, 1846 Thomas Pat Ging Judith Ging Tonlegee Pat Walsh Catherine Walsh
LDS January 1, 1847 Mary Thomas Ging Bridget Ging Tonlegee Michael Dreave Margaret Ging
LDS February 29, 1847 Pat Anthony Scahill Bid Scahill Moyhastin Thomas Ging Mary Miller
LDS March 12, 1847 Martin James Ging Mary Ging Doon James Ging Winnie Ging
LDS April 1, 1847 Anne James Ging Mary Ging Durre Austin Ging Winnie Murphy
LDS April 25, 1847 Pat Pat Morrin Bridget Morrin Sraheen Patrick King Mary Cuisack
LDS June 29, 1847 Phillip ? Bid Ging Carraugh Phillip Sheridan Bid Corrowy (sp)
PR March 10, 1848 Bridget Austin Ging Mary Ging Corveigh    
PR May 20, 1848 Margaret Anthony McGine Mary McGine Sraheen    
1850-1851 mostly too faded to even be visible
PR September 13, 1851 Honoria Pat MaGuire Jane Maguire Arderry John McGuin Ann Sheridan
PR December 14, 1851 Mary Pat MaGuire Honor MaGuire John Malley Sara McLoughlin
LDS March 16, 1853 Judith Thomas ? May ? ? ? Bridget Ging
LDS January 5, 1854 Myles James Hawkshaw Honor Hawkshaw Ayles Anthony Walsh Anne Walsh

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