Some McGing Photos

Some of the images here will be big, so be warned. I have in most cases created a small less quality graphic which is the one you see. Click on the image and the better quality image should be available. The quality of the photo's simply required large files.


John McGing and Sarah Collins


My parents, John and Sarah McGing on their wedding day.

John and Sarah (with Me on the way)

Mom, dad and me (I'm the one not yet visible)

Uncle Austin and Aunt Bridgie

My uncle Austin, his wife Bridgie and a Gibbons relation.

Not sure if this my Aunt or another Bridgie

Dad and some others

My dad and some others

Aunt Annie

Pretty sure his is my Aunt Anne, now back in Ireland

Uncle Phil and Aunt Mary

My Uncle Phil and my Aunt Mary

Aunt May Lally

My Aunt May

Uncle Stephen Donoghue

Uncle Stephen Donoghue

More photos are found here.



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