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Some of the images here will be big, so be warned. I have in most cases created a small less quality graphic which is the one you see. Click on the image and the better quality image should be available. The quality of the photo's simply required large files.


Local street signs, Westport

Local street signs

Homeplace from yard

This building, used now as a barn, was indeed my great-grandfather's place in Churchfield.

Home place from the road

The home place in Churchfield from the road.

Outside the home place, Churchfield

This is the building later added to the house, used by my great grandfather at times for dances that were NOT sanctioned by the local priest. Great grandfather had less than a sterling view of the priests.

Brendan McGing's Funeral Home

Brendan McGing's funeral home in Westport.

John McGing's pub, Westport

At the pub. Mick Collins is my uncle, May Lally is my aunt.

More folks at the pub.

Cousin Mick and Aunt May

Cousin Mick and Aunt May

Dan McGing in front of his store

Daniel McGing in front of his store

Daniel McGing's store

McGing Twins Jim and Austin

My twin uncles Jim and Austin


Mary McGing Sheridan B 1836

Sister of Philip and Honor


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