Tonlegee Land Registry Records

The following records were graciously provided by Tom Kenny, whose help is so gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

Land Registry Records Tonlegee Aughagower.

Page One is from the oldest book in the registry Office.

In the section for Observations the following dates are recorded: 1859, 1860, and 1862
The tenants were:

John McGing
Catherine McGing
Thomas Moran
Anthony Kerrigan
Daniel McGing
Henry Hawkshaw

Page Two - Date on this is 1869
The tenants were:

John McGing
Mary Moran
Anthony Kerrigan
Daniel McGing
Henry Hawkshaw

Page Three - Dates on this 1913-1928. This is in the name of the Irish Land Commission.

(There may have been an earlier book which may have been Missed or is Missing.)

The Tenants list has a lot of names on it, some marked out and other names put in there place.The Last Name is the present tenant.

Michael Gavin, John Gavin
Austin Gavin, John Gavin
Mary, Michael, Austin,Cath, Austin Gavin
John McNally, Philip McGing
John McNally
Austin Gavin
John Gavin (Austin)
John Gavin (Michael)
John McGing, Thomas McGing
Pat McGing, Mary McGing, Thomas McGing
Wm. Moran, Mary Moran
John Moran
Thomas McGing (John), John McGing, Bgt, Thomas McGing
Patrick McGing(Daniel), John Moran

Page Four - Dates on this are from 1928-1984. This may well be the last book as Rates on houses ceased in 1977 and on land also.

Austin Gavin
Austin Snr., John Gavin. Martin Gavin.
John Gavin (Michael).
Austin Gavin
William Gavin
Austin Snr., John Gavin, Martin Gavin.
John Gavin (Michael)
Mary Moran Pat Moran
John Moran, Austin McGing.
Thomas McGing (John)
Pat McGing, Thomas McGing. Patrick McGing.
John Moran Austin McGing.
Thomas Mcging (John)
Pat McGing Thomas McGing Patrick McGing
Mary Moran, Pat Moran, Austin McGing.
Michael McGing, Patrick McGing, Thomas McGing (tom), Philip McGing

All the tenants had a number which was a reference to the land they had and could be checked against it, also included were the Rates they were paying at the time on their houses and barns. The reason there is a lot of the same names coming up all the time is because of the land been striped (divided) and buying the land from each other.


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