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Melissa McGing of Indiana (not all that flattering)

Kieran McGing photo

Tickle Jan 2, 2002 and search the 1891 UK census online here

Link to some Mayo (Aughagower) McGinns who ended up in Ormskirk Worth

Quality Hotel Norwich
2 Barnard Rd.
Bowthorpe NR5 9JB
United Kingdom

Managed by Mr David McGing

His picture is at upper right

Bishop Noll HS in Hammon Indiana

Mary Homan McGing, Bishop Noll class of 1949

THomas McGing, Bishop Noll class of 1985

3 Catherine Murray b: August 02, 1890 in Ballyvelaghan in the old
Parish of Abby, now New-Quay, County Clare, Ireland
.................. +Peter McGing

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This is a McGing who died in the Boer war in South Africa in 1900.

Private J McGing/McGinn, died 1900 in the Anglo-Boer War. Served in the 25th Regiment, Infantry.


April 14, 1902 Kate McGing, age 19 and listed as single, arrived in New York
City on the ship Saxonia, having sailed from Queenstown. Westport is listed
as her place of residence. She traveled steerage. Per the manifest, her fare
had been paid by her father, she was a servant and she had $5 when she
arrived. She was staying with her cousin, Mrs. Kearns, 42 East 102 St., New
York City.

Note that on the next line of the manifest was Delia Kelly, who was age 22 ,
was also from Westport and also a servant. Delia as well was staying at Mrs.
Kearns home in NYC. Note that in October 9, 1904, there is a Delia Kelly
listed where people were staying.

Put in McGing then try McGinn.

There is a Delia Kelly McGinn....

For McGings:

James McGing Ireland
Anthony F. and Catherine McGing O'Malley Glenmask, County Mayo, Ireland
Mary McGing Durkin Ireland

It is intreresting to search on McGinn and then look at occupations; you'll
find some tempting weavers listed with names that could be McGinn or McGing.

William Ging married Mary Daly Nov 25, 1870 in Queens, Mountmellick,

Mary Ging was born to Michael Ging and Sally Newel on Feb 12, 1865 in
Galway, Western District

Mary Ging was born to Thomas Ging and Mary Campbell on May 29, 1868 in
Meath, Athboy

Mary Anne Ging was born to Thomas Ging and Mary Campbell on Aug 8, 1865 in
Westmeath, Tyrrellspass

Pat Ging married Margaret Mulroe on Feb 2, 1864 in Galway, Ross Parish

--- Ging was born to Robert Ging and Julia DeLacey on Oct 25, 1865 in
Dublin, Dublin

Anne Ging was born to John Ging and Catherine Whelan on Feb 15, 1867 in
Queens, Maryborough

Biddy Ging was born to Brien Ging and Barbara Walsh on Feb 21, 1866 in
Galway, Clonbur

John Ging was born to Brien Ging and Barbara Walsh on Apr 10, 1864 in
Galway, Clonbur

Frances Ging was born to Jacob Ging and Elizabeth on May 31, 1803 in Dublin,

Honoria Ging was born to Thomas Ging and Ellen Curran on Mar 25, 1864 in
Galway, Lettermore

John Ging was born to John Ging and Honor Mullhall on July 8, 1868 in
Queens, Maryborough

John Ging was born to Pat Ging and Mary on Apr 24, 1803 in Dublin, Dublin

All from the 1881 census

Anthony McGing aged 74 from Edinburgh.
Bridget McGing aged 62 Edinburgh.
James McGing aged 42 Edinburgh.
Julia Mcging aged 49 Lancashire
Patrick Mcging aged 33 Edinburgh
Patrick McGing aged 60 Lancashire.

Social Security Rules

GN 00307.550 Birth and Baptismal Certificates From the Republic of Ireland


Before 1923, there was a fine for not reporting births within 42 days.
Thus, many parents showed a later DB when registering their children's
births. Baptisms were usually performed shortly after birth, and since
there was no penalty for late baptism, there was no reason to give the
church authorities an incorrect DB.


SSA does not question the DB on a civil birth certificate unless the
baptismal certificate raises a question about its accuracy.

If a claimant who was born in Ireland before 1923 states the earlier DB
shown on the baptismal certificate is correct and not the one shown on the

civil birth certificate, SSA asks him/her for an explanation of the

SSA accepts the DB shown on the baptismal record without further
development if the:

o Claimant states the later DB was shown to avoid the fine for late
registration; and

o Discrepancy is not more than 1 year.











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